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Welcome Anonymous

 Welcome To MyDiveLocker
Site Details Hi all,
The forum and photo sections are now online and working perfectly. so why not post that annoying question thats allways stuck at the back of your throat and afraid to ask, or even post some tips and advice for less experienced members of the group.

Weve also set up the photo gallery where you can publish your underwater pics to show them to your friends and fellow divers and get their feedback.

Its also up to us to advertise this website, email a link to your fellow divers so they too can join and help make our community bigger and better.

Safe Diving

The Webmaster - MyDiveLocker
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Posted by Tommsy Monday, April 23, 2007 (02:22:23)

Site Details Hi all

Just a update to let you know what Ive been doing on the Site.

Well a lot of work has been carried out to include a change of server - Yes a Bigger faster server with the facility now to handle diving video uploads as well as pictures!

So whats changed now

Well I suppose to start with the website has now expanded to include a, aswell as the original to cover all the basses.

Ive enhanced the general look and feel of the site which should be more flexible on the systems and allowing quicker downloads, Ive also solved several buggs which appeared over time (Please keep informing me if you spot any new ones).

So What can you do now on Mydivelocker I hear you ask......

Well theres the Dive Forum allowing divers communicate between each other - So what kind of topics can be discussed here? Well anything really as long as it is in relation to diving and is not going to offend anybody.
So whether its a general question about diving to a more advanced gear configuration question our forum is the place to post them and get the answers or opinions which you were looking for.

Theres also the Image Gallery.
Yes the Image gallery allows divers to showcase their pictures from their dive expeditions or local dives. The pictures can be above or below the water again as long as it is in relation to diving and 'clean' it will be approved. There is a lot of space available for pictures at present and the limit on individual picture size is 500K
Thats a large image - anybody with images larger than theese can use a image editor to resize the image slightly, (allways remember to save a copy and keep the original in its larger size)
There are free image editors available online (one which comes to mind is Gimp for windows, Heres a link to the website

So whether its pictures of the dive team or club above between dives or a picture of a whale shark - The MyDiveLocker picture gallery is the place to post it!

Yes MyDiveLocker allows you to Upload your recorded dive videos to share for others to see. All the files are converted online to a streamable format which will allow quicker no delay downloads for others to view.
Comming soon will be a link where you can view the users videos aswell as pictures.

Dive Map
Oh yes, The Dive Map allows divers to create markers for their favourite Dive Sites and resources (Clubs and centres). Theese are also shared to your dive buddies and the Dive Map allows users to add comments and suggestions in relation the dive sites. The Dive Map categorises the sites based on scenic and wrec as weill as either being a shore dive site or a boat dive site. We also allow users to view the sites in a table format, with links to the map showing the marker position and GPS co-ordinates where applicable.

Dive Log
MyDiveLocker allows you to record your dives in a online log and it also allows you to view and print a printable version of your individual dive for your binder.

Dive Qualifications
MyDiveLocker also allows Divers to enter their Qualifications whether from PADI, BSAC, CMAS or any other organization and view them from anywhere at anytime

Well thats it for now
At the moment I cant think of much more additions required for the site - but if you can think of any let me know and I will do my very best to implement it!

Yours sincerely & Safe Diving
Tom Brett
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Posted by Tommsy Friday, April 04, 2008 (22:11:42)

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